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Review Summary

The ratings are a bit unique. Let me explain what you might expect from restaurants with each rating. These are comparable to the clunky ratings of 1-5 with a twist (5 being the best, in this case Juicy)

Typically, these are vegetarian or vegan restaurants that offer a range of delicious and nutritious plant-based dishes that are good for plant based and non plant based consumers. At this restaurant, you can eat the majority, if not all, of the items on the menu, or, most of the menu is flexible. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and substitutions are easily accommodated by the chef.

Here, you can also eat the majority of the items on the menu, or, many items are flexible. Typically, these are vegetarian or vegan restaurants, however, the main difference from the Juicy rating is that this restaurant will primarily use substitutes instead of alternatives.  Again, it's a range of deliciously nutritious plant-based meals that are good for the plant-based and non plant-based consumer.

For those stuck in the Standard American Diet mindset, these restauranteurs put forth thought and effort but SADly are not able to see the plentiful options. At this kind of restaurant, you will find a few options, a fairly flexible menu, and a kitchen that will give some attention to your requests. 

At these restaurants, the effort to accommodate the plant based consumer is meager. This restaurant will have a really nice salad for you which will probably have cheese in it. At this kind of restaurant, if you ask to remove or substitute, your meal will likely be bland and unfulfilling.

Typically these restaurants avoid providing options for plant based consumers. The menu will be exclusively animal products and few, if any, substitutions. The restaurant will probably have cooks but no chefs. You're best bet to eat is a couple sides, but ask about the butter and milk.

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