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Trend Or Lifestyle

The mission of The Mango Standard is to provide a platform for whole food plant based consumers to communicate their perspective on restaurants (and other eating establishments) to other whole food plant based consumers as well as to the American food culture. After reading a review, a plant based consumer will know what to expect walking into any restaurant. The Mango Standard will able The Standard will succinctly address each ‘why’ of whole food plant based/vegan living: health, ethics, and environment. The intent of The Mango Standard is to represent and deliver to the world Whole Food Plant Based perspective.

The Standard

We envision a world where vegetarianism and veganism are not considered trends. Our vision is to create a culture within the glory of plant based living.

Our Terminology

Vegetarians will not consume animals (i.e. animal flesh) but may consume animal products, such as dairy and eggs.

Vegans will not consume animals nor their byproducts.

A Whole Food Plant Based consumer is vegan, but, also aims to eat foods that are as close to the earth as possible (i.e. with as little modification as possible). A whole food plant based consumer seeks natural, unmolested ingredients.

We are looking to establish Plant based living as an alternative lifestyle (unrelated to the gender conversation). Therefore, we use the term alternative over substitute. A substitute is an impossible burger. An alternative is a quinoa patty.

Our Team

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